Detox Drinks

Detox Drinks

What you eat and drink can have a dramatic impact on your weight, health, skin and bloated tummy. I believe that to a certain extent we all know this, but our environment is not geared towards allowing us to live it. Detox drinks are the lifehack most recommended to getting the required 5-7 daily servings of fruits and vegetables into your body without giving up your current habits and lifestyle.

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Detox Drinks, backed by science

In the US “most calories are consumed from processed foods”. It’s obvious that nutrition isn’t high on our list of priorities. There are no profitable patents involved in prescribing food so pharmaceuticals do not pay scientists to study it. Doctors receive on average only 23.9 contact hours of nutrition (range: 2–70 h) during medical school. School cafeterias are notorious for providing students with unhealthy lunches that are cheaper to purchase and distribute. Parents feeling overwhelmed and under informed struggle to create and implement healthy meal plans at home. Restaurants and supermarkets prefer foods with a longer shelf life to maximize profits and supply foods that are in demand. However, the research we have today (including observational studies and some randomized controlled trials) tells us that we should be eating real foods and mostly plants.

So how do you reap all of the benefits of eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes without actually giving up the things you really enjoy eating?

Take a shortcut: use detox drinks. Detox drinks allow you to target your individual nutritional needs and effectively deliver the fuel your body requires to look and function at its best.

What are detox drinks?

What are detox drinks

Detox drinks are beverages that contain vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, antioxidants and other nutritional elements that support your bodily functions and systems without weighing them down with unnecessary additives. These beverages are made to help you stimulate your capacity to perform at a higher rate so that you can vibrate at a higher frequency.

Detox drinks can be made from various foods depending on your desired results. You have the freedom to control what goes in and target the results you want. If you want a flat tummy, there is one recipe to get you there. If you are looking for clearer skin and a brighter complexion, there is another recipe for you. If you are looking to boost your immune system and achieve better health, there is a combination of foods to juice that is just right for you.

Detox drinks also allow for you to achieve all of these things while still respecting your body’s sensitivities. Do you have stomach issues? You can leave out citrus and other foods that cause acidity in your stomach. Do you suffer from high blood pressure, you may add lemon to the beverage of your choice to not only cleanse your system and rid yourself of unwanted toxins, but also lower your blood pressure.

This total freedom along with feeling light, yet full are what make detox drinks so powerful. Simply adding a detox drink to your daily routine will take you further nutritionally than any other alternative and yet will not measurably add to your calorie intake.

Are Detox Drinks Good For You?

what are detox drinks made of

Detox drinks are very good for you. Starving yourself and living off liquids is not.

So if you begin by adding a detox drink to your diet, you are on the right path. If you go one step further and put some thought into what results you want to achieve and look for ingredients and combinations of ingredients that can support you, then you will see a difference in how you look and feel in a matter of days. Liquids are absorbed much quicker into your system so results will also follow at a faster pace.

Drinking four detox drinks a day and not eating any solid food will slow your body down, put it in starvation mode and cause you to gain weight faster the moment you eat your first bite of anything. Yes, the first few days you will see an immediate drop in pounds – this is liquid loss and it will return immediately once you stop your diet. Your body will also want to store all food it receives immediately after your diet because it’s been hungry for what it needs and now doesn’t know when it will get more.

This is the magic of consistency. Choose a meal plan with a calorie count at the weight you want to be and implement that. Over time you will notice that your body will go down to that weight without you having to do anything more. Now since we generally like to be leaner and slimmer, detox drinks allow you to add all of the necessary vitamins and antioxidants to your body without stacking the deck against you on the calories front. Meaning that you can actually enjoy your extra calories and not spend them on dressing up your fruit and vegetables. For the occasional sinner like myself this is the perfect solution!

The War Against Toxins & Free Radicals

detox drinks fight toxins and free radicals

Detox drinks are the cornerstone of any detox diet because they are the most effective way to detoxify your body and eliminate toxin buildup. Toxins invade your body in two ways: the first being when free radicals are produced within your body by different chemical compounds reacting with each other and the second is from environmental pollution that you absorb through air, water and the food you eat.

Free radicals develop and originate within the body after a combination of metabolic processes have occurred (for example, metabolism of catecholamine, cellular breath, etc.) and increase from external factors: environmental pollution, smoking, stress of daily life, fatigue and physical weakness, poor emotional state, unhealthy diet, chemical additives to foods and drinks, overexposure to the sun’s rays and prescription medication use.

The great accumulation of chemicals in the body is a phenomenon of our time. According to science, every year at least eleven pounds of chemical substances and preservatives (‘E’ additives) are consumed and absorbed into each one of us resulting in a gradual modification of the expression of the human gene.

These are some of the chemicals known to cause harm that are most likely found in your body right now:

chemicals to detox

Antioxidants are the only solution to fighting toxin buildup and the best way to get them is through food. Flushing toxins from your body can be stimulated with a variety of nutrients and through multiple pathways. The most common pathways are Methylation, Sulfation, Glucuronidation, Acetylation, Glutathione conjugation and Amino acid conjugation. Here’s a list of what to eat for each pathway.

best foods for detox

These are by far the best detox ingredients to incorporate into your daily detox drinks and ensure your body is fueled with the necessary elements to respond to the oxidative pressure it receives daily. Detox drinks made with these ingredients will help you live healthier, protect you from chronic diseases, lead you to have better moods and vitality, maintain your weight at normal levels, enjoy a better sex life and delay the aging process.

Master Cleanse Diet

When first considering a detox diet or cleanse, some people try the Master Cleanse Diet. This diet is very popular and has been around for a couple of decades. There is a special mixture that is consumed including lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and a special tea. You have to drink this for 10 days and that is the only thing they are allowed to have. This will remove toxins from your body and make you lose weight in a short period of time. The main concern is that you will feel headaches and other food withdrawal symptoms. Instead of fasting, it might make more sense to add this lemon beverage and tea to your daily regimen and cut calories back enough to lose weight, but not suffer through the unpleasant side effects. The weight might take a bit longer to come off, but the chances are higher tht it will stay off for good.

The Total Wellness Cleanse

Sometimes the most popular solution is not the right one. Unlike the Master Cleanse Diet advertised by Hollywood celebrities, The Total Wellness Cleanse is a detox plan that stands out among the rest because it works and has long term, lasting effects. This program was designed to help remove the toxins in your body that are making you feel tired and sluggish.

Want to take a quick look at your own toxin levels? Try this free online toxin assessment.

As an added benefit to ridding yourself of unwanted toxin buildup, you will also lose weight in the process and learn how to shop and eat on your own so that you can repeat your success in the future and even teach your family how to do it.

There are two phases to this cleanse. The first phase runs from day 1 to day 14, and is geared toward detoxifying the body. You will be eating foods that are designed to cleanse the body and provide it with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. You will also get to try new and interesting foods.

The recipes provided in the Total Wellness Cleanse detox diet program are proven to be safe and effective at removing toxins from your body and organ tissue. This diet is gentle and progressive so that you slowly build a tolerance for your dietary changes over the course of a few days. Once you start the second phase, you will be feeling more relaxed and looking fresher, healthier and slimmer.

Phase two, which is the maintenance phase, runs from day 15 to day 30. This phase will help you improve your eating habits and reduce the number of toxins you are ingesting. You will learn how to keep your newly found energy while still enjoying your favorite foods.

What makes this system the best on the market is that the Total Wellness Cleanse will not shock your body. Your will get all of the nutrients it needs during this process so that you don’t feel edgy and tired.

There are many great shake options as well. This cleanse plan will provide you with a recipe book with a number of different options for healthy eating. You will get to have plenty of fruits and vegetables without the toxins.

You will not only learn how to make foods and shakes for this cleanse diet, but you will also learn how to become a better consumer as well. You will learn how to shop smarter and choose healthier foods that your entire family wants to eat.

In addition to the food guide, you will receive the cleanse guide to help remove toxins, even the stubborn toxins that hide in fat cells, from the body. There are a number of recipes that can be used during the first stage of the cleanse. You won’t have to worry about what you should be eating. Everything can be found in this book.

The recipes will also help you feel satisfied so you are more likely to stick to this cleanse plan. If you are hungry, you are more likely to stray off this plan, so it is important that you feel full and not hungry. The ingredients used in the cleanse recipes are found in any typical grocery store. You won’t have to go from store to store looking for ingredients.

The foods are also common and inexpensive. Some of the foods included in the cleanse recipes are sweet potato fries, beet and carrot salad, green salad, veggie stir fry, and even spaghetti with mock meatballs. Black bean chili is another popular cleanse recipe.

Although this cleanse diet lasts for a period of 30 days, you will learn how to make further changes to your lifestyle to keep your body toxin-free. Included in this detox plan is a recipe book that will help you stay toxin free after the 30 days are up. You will be given a recipe book that has eight weeks of meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists making it very easy to continue your new toxin-free lifestyle, continue to lose weight and keep your energy levels up.

Support is provided through a members-only Facebook community. Here you will be able to share your success stories and compare the weight you have lost with other people who are following this cleanse diet.

People who have used this system were amazed at how much weight they were able to lose and how much better they felt. They had more energy and were amazed at the great shape they were in by the end of the thirty day program.

detox cleanse diets

These are just some of the popular detox cleansing diets that are available. These cleanses will boost your body’s ability to get rid of toxins. Once toxins have been removed, your body will function better than ever. You will finally be able to lose weight and enjoy more energy. Just remember that some of these detox plans can be used for an extended period of time while others may only be used for a couple of days, depending on how restrictive they are.

Alternatives to detox drinks

There are some alternatives to detox drinks. If you are interested in detoxing, the first thing you should do is increase your intake of water. Water is great for keeping your body hydrated and is a natural way to remove toxins from your body. Most people do not drink enough water and this allows toxins to build up. Water flushes the toxins from your body, leaving you looking and feeling better. Water is also a great alternative to sugary drinks since it has zero calories.

You can also take a relaxing soak in the sauna to help detox. This will allow you to sweat out all of the toxins. The sauna will also cause the temperature of your immune system to rise in your body which will allow it to kill off toxins as well. While in the sauna, you should make sure they drink plenty of water. Remain in the sauna for 15 to 45 minutes. This will allow you to relax, improve your blood circulation, and help eliminate toxic chemicals as well as stress in your body. This is a nice alternative to cleanses.

If you are looking to lose weight and feel better, you should use the cleanse diet. You will remove toxins, absorb nutrients, and learn how to eat foods that are better for your health. Toxins are slowing you down and are found everywhere. A cleanse diet will fight these toxins and allow your body to absorb the nutritional elements it needs to look and function at its best

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