Liver Detox

Liver Detox

The liver is one of the largest organs in the human body. Its responsible for a series of life sustaining and health promoting tasks such as promoting healthy weight loss, regulating metabolic processes, controlling blood sugar levels, supporting the digestive system, producing proteins needed by other parts of the body, regulating blood flow and mobilizing energy. Although the liver is responsible for all these tasks, one of the most important functions is chemically breaking down all the foods we eat including alcohol, unpurified water, organic foods to vegetables infested with poisonous pesticides.

The liver is responsible for distinguishing healthy nutrients needed in the body and poisonous substances which need to be eliminated. Feeding on low carb diets and processed foods clogs the liver and overwhelms it with toxins. This makes it hard for the liver to eliminate toxins from the body causing obesity and other health-related diseases. Therefore, it’s important that you feed on healthy meals such as fiber-rich foods and water-dense fruits and vegetables to give the liver the necessary strength it needs to eliminate toxins.

The liver produces bile which is essential for a number of activities in the human body. The first task is that it lubricates the intestines and works together with fiber to promote proper bowel movement. After filtering all the toxic substances from the blood, the liver dumps them in the bile which prepares them for elimination. The other main duty of bile is to break down fats and absorb fat-soluble vitamins. For instance, bile is responsible for converting beta-carotene into vitamin A. Therefore, if bile is overwhelmed with the toxins it’s fighting to eliminate, it becomes thick, viscous and unable to break down fats.

Signs your liver needs to detox

If the liver is overworked, chances are that your body will be toxic something which can easily cause severe health problems. In this section, we will discuss some of the common signs that tell your liver desperately needs to detox.

Abdominal discomforts

  • one of the early signs of liver clogging is feeling pain or cramps on the lower abdomen. This is caused by build-up of fluids on the areas between the abdomen and the organs.

Skin changes

  • another common sign of liver problem is sudden skin changes where your skin becomes itchy, dry, dark and yellowish. These signs tell that your liver is unable to filter out toxins from the blood.

Mood swing and depression

  • when you feel angry, anxious and depressed, chances are that toxins have found their way to the brain. This condition affects your brain, making you feel confused and mood less.

Inability to lose weight

  • another obvious sign that your liver needs to detox are a sudden increase in weight and an inability to lose weight. What happens is that when the liver is clogged, it’s unable to metabolize and produce bile which aids in the breakdown of fats.

Four types of foods that naturally cleanse the liver

Like we had mentioned at the beginning of this post, the liver performs numerous tasks which are ideal for the overall health of our bodies. Apart from filtering poisons from the bloodstream, regulating blood pressure and supporting digestion, the liver also produces bile, which is another detoxification product that aids in breaking down fats and proteins from the foods we eat. Therefore, it’s very important that you maintain the overall health of your liver through consuming healthy foods and diets.

In this section, we will highlight some of the best foods that we need to consume in order to boost the performance of the liver.

Leafy green vegetables

Leafy greens such as spinach, arugula, kales, romaine, dandelion and mustard greens are some of the best green veggies your liver needs to detox. This is because they contain numerous cleansing compounds, such as chlorophyll, which purifies your blood and helps to eliminate pesticides and heavy metals from the liver.


Apples also play a major role in cleansing the liver. They’re rich in pectin and malic acid which plays a major role in eliminating toxins. For instance, pectin is a soluble fiber which helps to eliminate toxins and cholesterol from the body, while malic acid is a cleansing nutrient that removes specific toxins such as carcinogens from the blood.

Sweet potatoes

Alongside carrots, butternut squash and pumpkins, sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene which is an essential anti-inflammatory nutrient that converts to Vitamin A in the body to help eliminate toxins. They also contain fiber and vitamin C which boost the overall functioning of the liver.


Lemons are some of the best liver cleansing detox diets to consider when cleansing your body. They produce antioxidants such as vitamin C which help in the production of enzymes. These enzymes produce energy which is used by the liver to regulate digestion and blood flow. Organic lemons have been found to be the best replacement for salt since they’re high in electrolytes that support the body and they never dehydrate the cells like salt does.

Livatrex Liver Gallbladder Cleanse Detox (2oz)

Livatrex Detox is an active energetic formula that has been designed to detoxify the liver. Made with a mix of exclusive organic herbs such as borotutu bark, non-colloidal iodine and a blend of other organically cultivated herbs, the Livatrex Detox is capable of regenerating cells, stimulating the liver and improving the production of bile which aids in digestion and bowel movements. As the best liver detox supplement in the market, Livatrex can be used to detoxify the liver, the gallbladder and the body in general.

Features of the Livatrex Liver Gallbladder Cleanse Detox

Made from a mix of active ingredients

  • unlike most liver cleansing supplements on the market, the Livatrex Detox is made from a blend of organic herbs which work hand in hand to stimulate the liver and the gallbladder.

Very effective

  • for the Livatrex to be effective, one is advised to take it just once during a liver cleansing session. During this time, avoid eating processed foods/animal products and only concentrate on fiber-rich foods, organic fruits and raw vegetables.


  • Designed with a mix of active ingredients, this liver detox supplement works fast to boost the performance of the liver.
  • Used together with healthy foods, Livatrex is capable of cleansing the gallbladder and enhancing proper bowel movement.
  • Most customers have stated that this supplement is capable of treating skin issues such as hyper-pigmentation.


  • Some customers have complained about the high allergic reaction caused by this supplement.


All in all, the Livatrex Liver Gallbladder Cleanse Detox is the best combination of natural herbs which work together to stimulate your body and fight against toxins. Taken together with healthy meals and other organic herbal mixtures, Livatrex detoxifies the liver, softens gallstones and helps to purge toxins. Having been received a 3.9/5-star rating from 37 customers, this is the best supplement to consider for your liver and gallbladder problems.

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