Liver Detoxification

Liver Detoxification

The liver is a special organ in our bodies that performs a dual role, one as a detoxifying organ and the other as a digestive organ. Today, over 70% of people suffer from liver-related diseases which are caused by over-active livers. There are many ways with which one can overwork the liver.

Some of these causes include taking too much alcohol, high levels of stress, over eating processed and fried foods and being exposed to environmental pollutants. When the liver is over worked, what happens next is that vital vitamins and minerals that are needed for the detoxification process are damaged leading to a slowed detox process.

Factors that contribute to clogged or toxic liver

As we all know, the liver is responsible for removal of bacteria, parasites, toxins and fungi from the bloodstream. Failure to protect your liver means that your body will suffer from some of these bacteria leading to poor health and chronic infections. Currently, over 50% of people living in the USA and Canada suffer from a clogged liver due to incorrect diet. Eating processed foods with too much sugar, preserved foods, taking alcohol and toxic drugs are among the causes of a clogged or toxic liver.

In addition to these, there are other environmental factors which cause liver problems to most people today. Factors such as chemicals, pesticides, electromagnetic radiation, heavy metals in most processed foods and water contaminants also contribute to clogging of the liver. What happens is that these elements are absorbed by various organs in the body such as the kidneys, fat tissue and the lymphatic system. Due to a high toxic build up, the body is unable to supply nutrients, carbohydrates and proteins to the rest of the body. This reduces the level of oxygen uptake to the rest of the body creating an acidic low energy state that’s prone to infections.

To combat this problem, the liver is forced to overwork in order to eliminate the toxins in the body. Since the liver plays the dual role of filtering toxins from the blood as well as working as a digestive organ, most people either develop obesity or liver-related problems.

Symptoms that tell your liver needs a detox

Abnormal bloating

  • One factor that easily tells your liver needs a detoxification is abnormal bloating. Remember that your liver is the one of the largest organs in the body and it occupies a large space in the abdomen. What happens is that when it becomes swollen or scarred, the abdomen becomes inflamed, leading to a feeling of fullness or bloating.

Trouble digesting fatty foods

  • The liver produces bile that’s responsible for the digestion of fatty foods. If your gall bladder is removed, the liver drains the bile to the small intestines. Now, if your liver is exhausted, it becomes difficult to produce enough bile needed for digestion of fatty foods. Digestion of fatty foods is very important since the body absorbs fat-soluble vitamins which are vital in the strengthening of bones.


  • The liver plays a vital role in metabolism regulation. This means that if the liver is not working properly, the whole system becomes sluggish making it impossible to cut calories and lose weight.

Abdominal fats

  • When the liver is swollen, you’ll discover that the upper abdomen accumulates excessive fats leading to a pot belly.

Detoxifying the liver

Now that we’ve learnt about the factors that lead to liver clogging, I believe that it would be fair enough to look at practices that should be considered in order to maintain the health of your liver. According to most doctors, the health of the liver is very essential to the body as it dictates the overall functioning of all the other organs. Among the healthy practices that help to cleanse the liver and prevent over working are:

Morning detox water

This includes mixing warm filtered water with lemon juice and hot pepper. The lemon juice contains vitamin C which protects the liver against inflammation and oxidative damage. The hot pepper contains capsaicin which boosts blood flow and helps to catalyze the rate of liver detoxification. In case your body is irritated by lemon and pepper, you can simply take warm water each morning as it helps to lubricate the liver and encourage cell regeneration.

Consume liver-loving foods

According to Sandra Cabot’s book “The Liver Cleansing Diet,” consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and lean proteins provides the liver with the necessary nutrients required for full functioning.

Apart from these natural remedies, there are other liver cleansers which one can use to detoxify the liver. In this section, we will review one product which people can use to detoxify the liver without experiencing any side effects.

Natural Wellness Clinical Liver Support – 90 vcaps

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body and is responsible for over 500 functions. Among these functions include manufacture of important enzymes and proteins, production of bile that aids in digestion, storage of crucial vitamins and minerals, as well as converting glycogen to glucose.

Because of these factors, we have managed to introduce one of the best liver support products which provide comprehensive support to the liver to bolster full functioning. The Natural Wellness Clinical Liver Support is one of the best liver supplements available in the market. It has 12 natural ingredients that work hand in hand to provide the liver with the necessary nutrients for its functioning.

Features of the Natural Wellness Clinical Liver Support

Contains crucial ingredients that are beneficial to the liver

This product contains natural ingredients which play a key role in protecting the liver against free radicals and cell deterioration. They include vitamin E and milk thistle.

Reduces fat accumulation in the liver

The Natural Wellness Clinical Liver Support contains key ingredients which prevent fatty deposits from accumulating in the liver. They include green tea, antichoke and beet leaf.

Improves detoxification and neutralization in the body

This product contains important ingredients which work together to eliminate toxins, improve bile production, promote inflammatory balance and fight free radicals. Among these ingredients include mixed phospholipids, curcumin C3 complex, N-acetyl L- cysteine and dandelion.


  • Natural Wellness Clinical Liver Support offers fast results without any side effects.
  • It contains 12 natural ingredients which work hand in hand to eliminate toxins and promote good health both in the liver and the body.
  • This product contains additional ingredients which help the liver to break down fats, promote bile production and remove unwanted materials from the body.


  • Some customers have complained that some ingredients such as NAC and turmeric increase histamine production in their bodies.


All in all, the Natural Wellness Clinical Liver Support is a clinically approved liver supplement that comes with powerful ingredients that support the liver. Although some customers have complained of allergies caused by specific ingredients, the overall performance of this supplement is just incredible.

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