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Love the team at What Detox

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What Detox is built on a foundation of love and remains faithful to giving
trust, support and a good time!

Christine Johnson, Founder and CEO

Christine's Detox Drinks

Christine is an entrepreneur. A Giver. An unprecedented optimist who lives in the world of people possibilities. She is committed to helping you be your healthiest and happiest self (and make the haters jealous 😉 ).

Seth Eyring, Chief Editor

Seth Eyring at What Detox

Seth Eyring is a graduate from Reed College where he studied Anthropology. As a long time vegetarian and vegan, Seth has had a devoted interest to health and nutrition. He has lived in a diverse range of great culinary capitals such as Portland, Oregon; Thessaloniki, Greece; and Tainan, Taiwan. He currently lives in Taipei and teaches English at the Japanese International School.

Kierney Loucas, Chief Content Officer

Kierney Loucas at What Detox

Kierney Loucas is a California native and a recent college grad with a BA in Theater. She fell in love with nutrition and fitness years ago and has kept them an important part of her life ever since. She enjoys the arts, exploring the world around her, and spending as much time in her second home of Greece as possible.

Caroline Fleischauer, Educational Programs Director

detox drink educational program

Caroline Fleischauer is a New York native, growing up amid the gorges of Ithaca, NY.  An avid equestrian and yogi, she can often be found staying healthy and enjoying the outdoors. She is currently pursuing her MA in Literature in Laramie, Wyoming, and exploring the mountains every opportunity she gets.

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